About Kitchen Innovations

Kitchen Innovations brings function, durability and innovation together with beautiful designs to create kitchen tools, gadgets and gifting items at affordable prices. Our products have high impact presentation in-store with beautiful branding, packaging and bright, fun colors that customers can’t resist.

We have proven sales records in several channels such as gift stores, independent/specialty stores, gourmet stores, hardware, grocery, garden centers, supermarkets and many more.

Currently there are 110+ items in our range in categories such as gift, kitchen gadgets, tools, fabric, food prep and accessories. Some of our very best items are our fun pick-up lines that work great on shelf and also at the cash register.

There is something for everyone!

Why Choose Kitchen Innovations

Pure platinum grade silicone is the most heat resistant and contains no fillers
All stainless steel that comes into contact with food is 18/8 stainless

Zeal branding (and packaging) is researched and designed by world class specialists
Tested with consumers to achieve the best possible reactions when they view the products
Protected by many patents and trademarks

Proven Sales Record
Our best-selling items are not only great sellers in North America but also in the UK, Australia,
New Zealand, Ireland, Norway, Switzerland and many other countries

Continuous New Product Launches
Kitchen Innovations is continuously developing new, fun and innovative products
We constantly strive to protect all of our products with design and utility patents

Kitchen Innovations can adapt and change to program requests quickly and efficiently