What the Experts Say

Recent reviews of the Gourmet Masher and Pastry Pro from some of the leading Culinary Schools and experts in North America.

Here’s what the professionals are saying:

“The idea of a blade cutting cold butter is excellent and the blade actually helps to coat each piece of butter properly”

Chef Leonard G. Messina

Culinary Academy of Long Island

“Used the potato masher last night and it was amazing. I’m now looking at the basket of peaches on my counter and thinking its time to make pastry.”

Cynthia David

Food Editor, Toronto Star

“Speed and ease of use of the Pastry Pro was very effective. I was quite pleased with the Pastry Pro and its end results”

Vicki Hyndman

Western Culinary Institute

“I liked the way the Gourmet Masher cut rather than smash the food. Food seemed to fall off the masher easily as it was used”

Alec Hamamoto

Western Culinary Institute

“From skeptical to amazed in 60 seconds…Easy fool proof pastry with tender results”

Ian Gallagher

George Brown College

“The function, form, and simplicity of these utensils make them winners!”

Pat Plunket

Le Chef Complet, Toronto Canada